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National Careers Week in the Bailiwick

National Careers Week across the Bailiwick

National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK. Careers Week encourages education providers to bring together students, local employers and advisers through careers events and activities. Here in the Bailiwick, our National Careers Week celebration will include education providers and the community so that all ages can benefit and get involved! 

When is National Careers Week 2024? 

4th - 9th March 2024.

 pdf icon Read the highlights from NCW 2022! [2Mb]  

What could the National Careers Week across the Bailiwick look like? 

National Careers Week in the Bailiwick will support individuals of all ages to take ownership of their career and skills development. With the COVID-19 pandemic, automation, digital innovation, population changes and climate change affecting everyone's lives, individuals are taking more responsibility for their career and skills development to lead fulfilling lives.

The theme of National Careers Week helps to empower individuals to take control, explore options and believe in themselves. 

National Careers Week in the Bailiwick will work with partners to put on events and provide resources to support the theme of NCW. This will include working with learning and training providers, schools/Post-16, third sector, employers and businesses to include opportunities for the community to get involved. 

How can employers/businesses support National Careers Week across the Bailiwick? 

Careers Guernsey will be helping to co-ordinate and promote National Careers Week here in the Bailiwick.

Here are some different ways employers/businesses could get involved with National Careers Week here in the Bailiwick: 

Workplace tours

Work place tours give a good insight for visitors to find out more about different workplaces, different job roles, how businesses operate and realising what sectors are here in the Bailiwick. Students and teachers find industry awareness really beneficial as it helps to understand the wide range of opportunities here in the Bailiwick and for students to be inspired for their futures. Adults who may be considering a career change can explore sectors they haven't ever really considered before and develop their confidence and belief in what might be possible for them. 

Inspiring students with their subjects 

Linking curriculum learning to careers helps students connect their learning to their future and keeps them motivated! For teachers/lecturers, it is helpful to update their knowledge about skills for work, job roles and recruitment practices and a great opportunity for employers/businesses to get fresh ideas from students for industry-live projects. 

This could include subject teachers visiting relevant industries; bringing employers into subject classes to provide real-life case studies; industry specific challenges with employer mentors; demonstrations of subjects being used in industry. 

Skills competitions

Setting a competition helps highlight the skills needed for a sector. This can be a competition that is set before the start of Careers Week, entries are submitted and winners announced at the end of National Careers Week. Entrants could be asked to construct something, create a design, present a solution to a problem etc. 

Sector Showcase and learning pathways

Employers/businesses working together from a sector can partner with local learning/training providers to help promote upskilling and reskilling for their sector. Showcasing the job roles available, work patterns, entry points and career development can really help generate interest in a sector. 

Career and skills displays

If your business has a customer footfall coming through the doors, displays and signage about the different roles within your organisation and career pathways available helps showcase the opportunities and encourages visitors to ask the staff members about their role.     

Sustainability Challenge

An opportunity for employers/businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the island's net-zero emissions by 2050 by focusing on new 'green' job roles that will need to be created in their sector and how existing job roles will need to adapt with new skills needed. This helps individuals to career plan and secure jobs for the future. 

Are robots taking our jobs?

With the future of work already happening and automation changing job roles across sectors, it is important to understand not just how automation affects existing job roles but the opportunities that digital innovation also brings to the creation of new roles. Providing information and updates to your workforce and the community about the impact of automation, helps them to prepare for any changes and feel more confident.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

"It's hard to be what you can't see" Information about how employers/businesses values differences between people is important to help raise aspirations and support social inclusion. Providing role models and insights to working in a sector, traditional and non-traditional career pathways information helps to promote a fairer and more inclusive workforce. Sharing video messages, events, guidance and good practice are great ways for employers/businesses to get involved in National Careers Week. 

Social Media celebration 

Make sure to tag in any posts #NCW2024 @careersguernsey to join in the celebration of National Careers Week! 

* Celebrate the career development of your staff with mini staff profiles 
* Post up any videos about the work you do 
* Share content that helps others with tips and advice about a career in your sector 

Plus lots more ideas that employers/businesses may have themselves to support National Careers Week in the Bailiwick! 

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