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Primary Careers Project

What is the aim of the Primary Careers Project and how can employers/individuals get involved? 

The project aims to give Year 6 students an insight to what is work now and in the future. Assumptions about work start young as they imagine their future selves so the project helps to challenge stereotypes and to raise aspirations. Running the project with Year 6 also helps prepare them for their secondary phase of education when careers education and decisions around options and their future feature more than in primary. Employers/individuals from business can support the project by volunteering their time as a Mystery Guest and increasing awareness of job roles, skills, equality and diversity. 

What does the Mystery Guest have to do? 

The Mystery Guest will sit at the front of the class with the class teacher in the room and the Careers Adviser delivering the session. In the Mystery Guest slot the children are encouraged to think of questions to ask and the guest is only allowed to answer 'Yes' or 'No'. The children then try to guess what the Mystery Guest does as a job and the guest is then invited to give an overview of their job role, show any pictures/short video clips, bring in any equipment and explain the important skills required.

How long would a Mystery Guest spend in the lesson? 

The session for the Mystery Guest slot usually lasts 20 minutes. The guest also needs to allow travel time to and from the school. 

What sort of questions do the children ask? 

There are some great questions usually asked by the children as they take it in turns to try and work out what job the mystery guest does! The session is managed fairly so that all children get the opportunity to ask their question before any guesses are made. Take a look at some pdf icon example questions [454kb]that are used as prompts for the children. 

How can you sign up to be a Mystery Guest? 

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