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I want some help choosing my options

What are my Yr 9 options?

In Year 9 you will have the opportunity to decide which subjects and courses to take in Years 10 and 11.  This stage of your education is called Key Stage 4.  You will still have to study the Core subjects but you can now choose other courses that interest you. Choosing what subjects and courses to take for Key Stage 4 is probably one of the first big career decisions you will make.


What subjects do I have to study?

Most students on Guernsey get to choose what subjects and courses to take in Years 10 and 11 (KS4) during the spring term of Year 9. The options you can choose will vary slightly at each school however there is a Core Curriculum at every school which will usually consist of:

· English
· Maths
· Science
· Work related learning and Careers Education
· PSHE and Citizenship
· Physical Education
· Religious Education

What other subjects can I choose to study?

Your school will offer subjects in option blocks and you will choose subjects from each option block.  Some schools may also offer College Link courses in conjunction with the College of Further Education and these may be of interest to you if you would like to find out more about vocational areas of study.

The set of options available at each school will vary so it is important to check through the options booklet to find out exactly what subjects and courses are on offer at your school. Have a look at your school link on this page.

How do I choose my Yr 9 options?

Choosing your GCSE options

It is important to choose subjects that will interest you and motivate you.  Spend some time thinking about what you enjoy doing, what keeps you interested and what makes you work hard. 

The most important subjects are the ones you have to study anyway so don't worry about missing out on the important ones for your future. Have a look at these reasons for choosing a subject to help you think about what to do:

Good reasons for choosing a subject                                                            

· You are good at the subject                                                                        
· You think you will enjoy the course
· It fits your career ideas and plans
· It goes well with your other choices
· It helps to give you plenty of choice after Year 11
· You think you might want to continue studying it after Year 11
· Your research shows that it will interest you and motivate you to learnHow to choose subjects

Bad reasons for choosing a subject

· Your friends have chosen it
· You think it will be easy
· You think it's a good option for a boy/girl
· Someone else thinks it is a good idea
· You like the teacher you have now
· You did not have time to research your options properly

What else do I get to do in Year 10 & 11?

You normally get the chance to do a one week  Work Experience Placement and you will still do PE/Games lessons. Some schools  offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award, project week, sports teams and performing arts.

How do my Year 9 options affect my options at the end of Year 11?

How do my Year 9 options affect my options at the end of Year 11?

Don't worry too much as you have to study the most important subjects such as English, Maths and Science. There are some other things to think about when you choose your Year 9 options:

  • You generally need at least 4 or 5 GCSEs at grade C or above to continue with A levels or level 3 BTEC at the end of Year 11. Choosing subjects in Year 9 that you are good at will help you work towards gaining Cs or above
  • If you want to study a subject at A level after Year 11, check if you need to study any particular subjects at GCSE. For example, you need to study GCSE Additional Science as well as GCSE Science if you want to choose any of the Science A levels after Year 11
  • If you are interested in an apprenticeship for the future, check if there are any Year 9 options you can choose to help you develop your practical skills. For example, the College of FE Link course

Check with your Careers Teacher at school if you are unsure what you might need to choose or Contact a Careers Adviser